How we work
 We are happy to tell you about our tools (which are great), but ultimately it comes down to our culture.
We listen | It’s simple….listen first, then act. How else can we best serve your needs?
Our process is inherently flexible | We respect and really like our process. It’s built around flexibility and enables us to get our best work done.
Hive Creative Culture™ | We have a highly defined hive mentality and creative culture. We are a team of seasoned professionals who have worked together for many years. We all have our unique skills and play our roles well. Our no-ego, client first mentality allows a symbiotic, collaborative approach to get the work done quickly and effectively. 
Project management and workflow
We use a customized workflow management system for detailed project tracking and asset management. It is tailored for how designers work best and streamlines the design development process.
All requirements, source images and information are centrally located to enable seamless work shifts between design teams.
Central repository of brand and language guidelines and requirements, which allows easy access and application to design work.
Central repository of vendor releasing procedures so once a design is approved it gets released quickly and correctly.
Simple file management approach enables quick access to historical work.
Visibility of workflow through calendar and timeline reporting.
Timely, accurate estimates and invoice tracking for budgeting and administrative ease.

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